We have been active in the agricultural sector for nearly 30 years and have developed into one of the leading market research agencies in this sector, partly due to the established knowledge and experience. Both nationally and internationally we are a discussion partner of the major players in agribusiness, not only within agriculture but also more and more in the veterinary sector.

Agricultural research is also more and more conducted in the Benelux (Netherlands and Belgium) and/or other European countries (through our network of agencies specializing in agribusiness).

Multi-client panel research SCIB

An important cornerstone within agribusiness is our multi-client panel research on behalf of a large part of the crop protection industry (called SCIB). As early as since 1999 this research annually monitors developments in the use of crop protection products in different crops (arable farming, ornamentals and vegetables under glass, field vegetables, fruits, etc.) and within different targets (farmers, market gardeners and contractors).

Furthermore we regularly conduct ad hoc surveys both amongst end users and experts and advisors of farmers and growers, on behalf of for instance:

  • producers of fertilizers
  • manufacturers of crop protection products
  • seed and breeding companies
  • feed producers
  • mechanization / agricultural machinery
  • trade and distributive trade.
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